When your wheelbarrow wheels or trolley wheels are corroded or have a puncture, there is a cheaper solution than simply replacing the wheelbarrow. Replacing the wheelbarrow wheel or finding a puncture-proof replacement is a much more cost-effective solution. But it's not always easy finding the exact replacement wheel that is going to work for your situation.

That's why we have put together this quick and easy guide to choosing the right wheelbarrow wheels or trolley wheels for your wheelbarrow, to save you both time and money. Simply use key measurements noting down the measurements at each stage and then use those measurements when browsing the wheelbarrow supplies range of wheels. If you get stuck at any point or need some expert advice for your situation you can call us at 0121 525 7679.

Overall Diameter of the Wheel

What is the overall diameter of the wheel? (From outside edge to outside edge)
Tread Width – The width of the wheel that makes contact with the floor surface. Different types of wheel have different tread widths. Wide tread wheels are ideal for outdoors.

wheelbarrow wheel size

Diameter of the Hub Bore

What is the Hub Bore?

The hub bore is the diameter of the hole in the centre of the wheel.

This does vary in different wheels and the hub bore can be reduced to suit your application with the addition of bearings, collars / bushes and/or tubes. Please have a look at our accessories page for more information on reducing the hub bore diameter.

Wheel Bore

The Hub Length

What is the hub length?

This measurement is the width of the hole running through the centre of the wheel. Handy Tip!  Push a pencil through the hole in the middle of the wheel and measure the length of the distance through the wheel!
Getting the right hub length is important because if you get a wheel with the hub bore too small the wheel will wobble on the axle. If the hub length is too large it will not fit onto the axle.

Bearings or No Bearings?

We can offer you wheelbarrow wheels and trolley wheels with or without bearings, with plastic wheel centres or metal, and even a range of puncture-proof wheels to suit your requirements.

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